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My full name is Jose Carlos Contreras Balbuena Moreno Heath Muñoz Muñoz Marquez Colon, but you can call me anytime… or just Jose works too.


I was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico until I was 18 years old. For all that my island gave me, there was one thing that it just couldn’t provide: opportunity. The opportunity to be at the pinnacle of culture. To be a part of reshaping how the world is, and how the people in it see themselves. So I left my Island of Enchantment, my 80 Degree-year-round tropical paradise, my culinary wonderland, and headed to the gritty, loud, polluted, dirty, crowded, smelly, expensive, sleepless playground that is New York City.


I have a healthy respect for the power of representation, and plenty of first hand experience in how difficult it can be to break into some of those spaces. As I transition from a college graduate to a professional actor, my dream is to join the generation of people who have been resilient and inspiring enough to open doors for people like me. If you want to see what shenanigans I get up to follow me on here!



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